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August 19, 2019

I, Gennady Vityaz,, private engineer, special project manager of NewTech72 LLC, initiator of the “Mera” project, owner of “Mera” technologies and innovations, passport FU276683, FOP 2423017150, officially declare the intentions of the Measure project:

1. To fulfill the planned strategic goal of the “Mera” project, to bring technical and technological solutions to energy transformation into local and international markets.

2. Creation of targeted point projects that gradually bring technology and innovation to local and international markets. Moreover, patenting of existing and developing technologies will be carried out immediately before production, in order to minimize losses from commercial espionage.

3. Following the planning of the project team, to attract foreign and domestic investment, in an equivalent not less than USD 8'000'000'000.00 (eight billion), to start attracting financial partners (hereinafter Investors). To this end, to offer companies and individuals to be financial partners for the duration of the project, which will be at least 25 years.

4. Following the planning of the project team, to attract external and internal investments, to offer Investors, to participate in patenting of technologies and innovations, for the duration of the entire project time.

5. Distribute investment in the project by stages of point projects. Financing of test projects:

5.1. Investments in research, pilot production, test sales, USD 300'000.00 equivalent (Completed);

5.2. Creating a project analysis and management team, equivalent to USD 2'000'000.00 (Requires 2019-2020);

5.3. Investments in a point project on attracting energy technologies in the agricultural sector, equivalent to USD 22'000'000.00 (2019-2020 required);

5.4. Investments in a point project for the construction of a plant to attract LED technology, the equivalent of USD 28'000'000.00 (2019-2020 required);

5.5. Network of manufacturing, laboratory, marketing, project implementation companies, USD 7'947'700'000.00 equivalent (2020-2030 planned);

6. Following the planning of the project team, to attract external and internal investments, to offer the Investors, in aggregate, 80 percent of the net profit, up to twice the return of the investments raised with the help of the Investors. All assets acquired during the implementation of the project will be legally pledged by the Investor, without the right to transfer, to outsiders, for the entire time

Upon return to Investors, twice the amount of investment, the assets will come into our possession. By now, until the project is fully completed, offer investors 60 percent of their net profit.

7. To plan the involvement of B2B and B2C sectors in the first 5 years of production, local markets, not less than 70%, international markets, not less than 25%.

According to the experimental production of hand tools, marketing programs, sales to test, real buyers, the minimum test ROI of point projects 5.3, 5.4 accounted for 487 percent for year. The project is profitable and cost-effective.