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The presented projects use publicly available, as well as their own, non-patented technologies, proven in manufacturing, operability and supported by successful test sales. In view of the existing experience of technology owners in the loss of technology in the development and patenting of local and international markets, a decision was made in the sequence of technologies to enter the international market, each of the technologies:

1. Preparation of documentation - 95%

2. Preparation of the financial base, in the form of external and internal investments - 100%

3. Preparation of the production base, in stages with increasing production capacities - 30% -100%

4. Production of products and services with step-by-step withdrawal to local and world markets.

A table of projects, the necessary targeted funding, will be published throughout the MERA projects. Each of you can be a financial partner and make a profit. Also, each financial partner has the opportunity to participate in technology patenting. Follow the posts on social networks.


  Name Short description Category Required funding (Investments), EUR
Necessary JV Loan ROI, per year
1 UpRaVa Creation of the command with a distribution at the department, for the management of plant and point projects, for the global project MERA. Global governance 2,000,000 - - 29,100,000
2 DampAgro They allow the owner of the agro-industrial business, as well as in individual, private farms, to combine feed preparation, heating and recycling, actually receiving closed, waste-free production and consumption cycles. In this case, it is also possible the processing of biological, unsorted waste without harming the environment. Manufacturing 22,000,000 + - 116,500,000
3 DeSvI Organization of the production of LED structures using high-tech equipment. Production of structures based on LED technology. Manufacturing 28,000,000 + - 138,800,000
4 DoGoDa Closed-type club complex VIP Club 888,000,000 + - 1,200,000,000
5 Striti Production of fanless, vortex, wind power plants (more than 25 configurations), unit power from 50 W to 20 MW. Products for the population, individual businesses, large manufacturing enterprises. The products can operate autonomously, without being connected to the electrical network. Manufacturing 552,000,000 + + 3,100,000,000
6 MAAN Underground agro-industrial complex, autonomous power supply with full support for human life. Includes industrial, agro-industrial, office, residential areas, as well as auxiliary and recreational areas. Complete protection from external biological, chemical and physical influences. Complex 2,700,000,000 + + 7,000,000,000
7 >SigiP Construction of a high-tech laboratory. Refinement, testing of technology for converting the Earth's geomagnetic field into force and kinetic energies for use in mechanics, including relativistic mechanics. Technology 2,477,000,000 + + ?
8 Soloha Wellness and rehabilitation center. Prevention and improvement of diabetes mellitus. Rebialization of post-stroke human conditions. Charitable foundation. Charitable foundation 8,000,000,000 + + Not