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Fencing design

Fencing does not protect. A neat, beautiful fence around a country house, office or factory area is the final point of construction work. Without this, the architectural landscape will not look stylistically complete. In modern conditions, a combination of fencing, video surveillance, the Internet and IT technologies will not only significantly protect your property, but also relieve you of worries about the safety of your property.

Fences from the MERA project

Various objects for permanent or temporary fencing will not only be durable, but will also look aesthetically pleasing, will be reliably protected by video surveillance with video transmission to anywhere in the world, and will be illuminated by an economical, independent source of illumination at night.

Guidelines for designing fences

The main problem for customers is the exact and complete specification of the fence kit, detailed technical documentation, on-line customer registration for constant support and maintenance.

The DumpAgro project takes on the crucial moment of correct order formation, high-quality manufacturing of kits, installation if necessary, constant on-line and off line maintenance of installed SCUTTO kits. IT technologies present in the sets of fences will instantly react to illegal entry into the territory of your facility. An autonomous and / or on line SCUTTO database, specifically for your object, will allow the admission of objects to your territory, analyzing the geomagnetic and visual features of the movement of an object, regardless of its location, on the ground, underground or in the air ...

Having formed your order, we will make a complete completion of the fence, entrance groups, pile supports and additional necessary elements.

If you are not sure which type of fencing you need, from the existing SCUTTO kits, in a specific case, then the DumpAgro project specialists offer you an individual development of a finished fencing project with its subsequent completion, in accordance with the current building codes for the location of the fence for your facility. Have you bought a site on Mars? No problems! SKUTTO fences have no installation site restrictions!

Industrial enterprises, warehouse complexes, sports and playgrounds - it is important not only to delimit areas, but also to ensure the safety of the fenced area. As far as these areas differ among themselves in appearance, size, functional purpose, the fencing will also differ greatly in design and degree of protection. Not always ready-made fencing solutions, or otherwise, typical projects that are offered by the designers of many enterprises meet all the needs of the customer.

MERA projects do not stop there. We constantly archive off line, our base, our investors 'and clients' base. Today, SCUTTO fences are a barrier - monitoring from physical penetration into your territory, protection from theft of your commercial information and your intellectual property, with modern devices. Technological development of the DampAgro project, already in the near future, will allow you not only timely warning of physical, radiological, nuclear, chemical and bacteriological hazards, but also allow you to quickly resolve protective measures to avoid these hazards.

Our "Design" service will allow you to adapt the existing standard kits, to your individual conditions, to quickly manufacture and install in the shortest possible time.

Our specialists will create a project that satisfies all client's requests. Using the technology of reconnaissance of the area, they will measure the perimeter of the site, fix the features of the terrain. After specifying and choosing the style of the fence, the type of video surveillance, the type of data transmission and monitoring, an integral project of the metal fence is developed for a specific customer. Marking all possible "vulnerable" points of the fenced area, we will offer our client the most optimal options for security systems, including access control and management systems.

Gates and wickets, not only an additional protective structure, but also important structural elements, the "face" of the fenced area, and must match in style with the main protective structure. When drawing up a fence project, we take into account every nuance, including the stylistic unity of all components. Our team takes into account the whole variety of assortment of modern wickets and fencing gates. Design, manufacture and install gates and wickets with your logo is within the power of our leading engineering departments.

Your home or business deserves better ... better fencing and SCUTTO protection!!!


It is not difficult to place an order for the manufacture of fences. We will manufacture, assemble and pack. As an additional service, our service, delivery of SKUTTO kits, for enterprises and private customers, will significantly save your time and money on the search for freight transport, workers for loading and unloading operations.

By producing complexes of fences, offering an individual solution for all groups of clients, from large enterprises to private households, we guarantee excellent protection on the perimeters of both industrial and commercial areas, and cottages outside the city.

We offer, if necessary, to use the "Delivery" service. To do this, simply indicate the relevance of this service for you when placing an order.

The range of SKUTTO is constantly increasing, while outdated models are fully supported, both by our service and by manufacturing the range of spare parts necessary for the current client. Fencing complexes are created using high-tech equipment. This is a guarantee of quality, strength, reliability, long service life of the protective structures we produce. Powder coating, ceramic coating or galvanizing are constant components of the production cycle, which we improve every year. This means that all the necessary structural elements and additional equipment are delivered to order in a short time.

A large assortment of ready-made fencing kits, developed taking into account the monitoring of the needs of customers in local and international markets, allows the client to track the online shipment immediately after paying for the order: a sufficient amount of standard fencing kits is stored in the company's warehouses. A ready-made kit means not only metal fences, but also gates, wickets, KUD systems, video surveillance. Of course, all structural elements are selected in the same style.

If it is necessary to deliver an order of a significant volume or the order is carried out according to an individual project, which takes more time, then, for manufacturing and packaging, it will take no more than 20 calendar days. The customer, depending on his place of residence, can choose a convenient way to transport the order. We can organize the delivery of goods by road, rail or sea. Air cargo delivery will not be difficult for our delivery service.

DumpAgro's delivery service always fulfills its contractual obligations as accurately as possible. Delivery errors are excluded.

Installation of fencing systems

In the conditions of the modern mobile market, success is achieved by those who perform their work efficiently and on time. And for this you need to be a professional in your field. We know how to design and manufacture various types of fences, how to properly position additional protection and monitoring systems, how to safely transmit and process data received in real time. Social services, or quick response services of enterprises, are guaranteed to receive maximum information and enough time to prevent damage to your property, using the SCUTTO protective kits installed at you!

Welded panel fencing is very popular in today's local markets. Durable and lightweight. SCUTTO fencing complexes represent all the variety of this type of fencing on the markets.

All fences are mounted on poles using special fasteners, and eliminate the need for welding on site. We offer pillars of various sections 40x40 mm, 60x60 mm, 80x60 mm and 80x80 mm. For especially critical, high-load fencing complexes, we use pillars with a cross section of 120x120 mm, 160x160 mm and more, depending on the technical calculation of the load, the task set by the customer.

Specially developed potting mixtures allow strengthening the internal cavities of the pillars, thereby increasing the strength characteristics of the pillars and the durability of the entire fencing complex as a whole.

The design features of the SKUTTO fencing complexes allow using a wide variety of installation methods. Installation in concrete, the most popular and cheapest way. Mounting on flanges, on concrete or any other solid base allows quick installation and, in fact, "instant" commissioning of the entire complex. At the same time, our installation and commissioning specialists delimit the tasks of commissioning, and use an operational "master installation". If necessary, our team is ready to provide an engineer for commissioning the fencing complex, for using the "installation supervision" service, who will fully inspect your employees and the entire process from delivery to the destination, installation and start of operation of the SKUTTO fencing complexes.

Our approach

  • The technology department is constantly improving the set of fences; however, it uses only technologies proven by numerous tests;
  • Weekly planning and daily monitoring of markets and global practices maximizes the quality of our services;
  • Caring for the environment consists of thoughtful project steps for the coming decades.

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